• Earn Money

    from your holiday home

  • Personalized


  • Rent

    to worldwide guests

  • Experience

    in your favor

  • We create

    – Professional photo shoots
    – Exciting “Virtual Tours”
    – Captivating web sites

  • Increase the value

    of your property

  • Extra income

    a great opportunity

  • Vacation Rentals

    a business sector that is continually growing

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Have you ever thought of earning money by renting your properties to tourist?

Vacation Rentals

You could cover your fixed costs that burden a household and at the same time even earn extra income!

I did, and it changed my life.

I am now putting my experience, at my clients disposal, offering:

  • Basic consulting starting from Zero
  • Techniques to better manage an existing vacation rentals, which are not up to par.
  • Servicing and managing reservations, starting from the first email that arrived and ending with the client arriving right at your door step.

In spite of the difficult period for the economy and tourism nowadays, requests for vacation homes are continually growing, above all from foreigners!



In short these are the services offered:

  • Consulting for Holiday Home owners, B&B’s , and all other types of tourist properties
  • Personalized consulting depending on your needs
    – Initial consulting for those who start from scratch
    – Optimizing the present management of houses that are already up and running
    – Initial consulting and all the following phases, up to managing all aspects
  • Creating professional photos with advanced technology (“HDR”) – final result, the images are vivid, well defined, and just spectacular
    More info: http://virtualtour.vision
  • Engaging “Virtual Tours” that permits internet visitors to move freely from one room to the next feeling like they are actually in the house – for example:
  • Creating professional and modern web sites, optimized also for smart-phones, and tablets – for example:
  • Consultive Advice; for Web promotion, Social, Managing Reservation Calendars, and Payment Systems
  • Constant updates on changes that occur in this line of work

A little bit about myself

Mauro Bricca

I am Mauro Bricca, from Diano Marina, in the province of Imperia, Italy.

A few years ago I was looking for a business opportunity that would allow me to have more free time then I had in my job at that moment. I was tired of doing the work that I was doing for the last twenty years as a information technologist . The day to day routine was getting to me, and I was no longer happy being an employee.

I desired to do something that would allow me to be my own boss, and also give me more free time, and I needed to move around freely for personal reasons.

I was lucky my parents left me the house where I was born and raised.
Every time I invited friends from other areas to visit, they were struck by the beautiful area, and the breathtaking sea view. At the end of their visit they all told me that their stay was better here than in a five star hotel, and jokingly they said that I should start a vacation rental business.

When my life took me in different directions and I was living somewhere else, I began thinking about this idea… but in the beginning I was very skeptical.
It was my parents house, and I was very fond of it. It felt like a sacrilege to me to rent it to people I didn’t even know.

But, to try it out, I contacted a German, Rental Agency. One of their agents came to visit the house and he told me that it had great potential, and asked if I would give them an exclusive for the German market. I agreed to the low rental prices and high commissions of the agency, and in the summer German tourists began to arrive.

I started analyzing the situation and I realized that if I restructured the house I could raise my prices.
Early on, I also realized that if I could find clients on my own I wouldn’t have to pay the high commissions to the agency, I could begin to earn extra income.

Therefore I stopped working with the German Agency, and, after various trials and errors, I found out the way to find clients on internet by myself.

At this point a whole new world opened up: not only more Germans, but also tourists from England, France, Scandinavia, Russia, America, Canada, and even Japan!

In the years that followed I spent all my time and money into renovating my home making it more beautiful, I also worked on improving the garden even adding a swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

On this link you can see today’s results:

Villa il Poggiolo

This is now my main business and it gives me great satisfaction.

Villa il Poggiolo

I have the possibility to meet people from all over the world and have the opportunity to turn acquaintances into friendships.
I have a loyal clientele that often rents my house even in the low season.

A few years later I was making enough income and this permitted me to quit my job.
Thanks to my Holiday Home, now I dedicate my time on promoting and improving my business.
Being my own boss I have the time for myself that I desired and am free to move about as I like.

Who can contact me

Anyone that owns a house or even part of a house, that they would like to rent.

Even those that have a second home who would be willing to rent it when it is not in use, to generate income.

With tourist rentals, it is possible to start your own business, or at least to earn extra income , or simply lower your household costs, and homeowners taxes.

Vacation Rentals

Services provided

I provide all the consulting needed for the start up, and how to manage your property for success.

Thanks to the experience that I have acquired I am able to save you from making the same start up mistakes that I did, saving you a lot of time and effort.

I will teach you how to manage your property, how to prepare for your guests arrival, how important cleanliness is, and how to manage check ins and check outs.

Vacation Rentals
  • I can create professional photo galleries and captivating websites
  • I can advise the best promotional systems on the web
  • I am able to find the right clients on the net using popular websites, I will maintain all contacts and correspondence with them up till the final contract
  • I guarantee fast responses to the emails received even those in foreign languages
  • I will stay in touch with clients after their departure asking them for their positive feedback on web sites. These feedbacks (reviews) are so important for future productivity of your property


Important: unlike other agencies , I won’t ask you for an exclusive on your property. I won’t pretend that certain periods be blocked off for my exclusive use.

The owner can always decide the periods that he wants or needs, for personal reasons, or even if he has found a client on his own. In this case no commissions are needed to be paid on my part.
Obviously the booking calendar must be managed by both the owner and myself and must be always syncronized negating the possibility of an overbooking (the same week with two different clients).
Therefore it is mandatory, fast and constant communication that is needed when dealing with reservations.

Being a Holiday Home owner myself, I know very well that not being able to manage your own home for your own needs freely, is the most annoying thing.

There are no penalties applied for the suspension of our collaboration, obviously only payment of commissions on the future reservations that I have booked for you.

My desire is to maintain a friendly, collaborating , flexible relationship.

I want the owner have major benefits from his vacation rental, not an agency!
My commissions I believe are discreet and honest.

I want my clients to trust me and to continue doing business with me profitably in the years to come.
I am not interested in robbing you blind during the first few years and then abandoning you, like numerous other agencies who treat clients in this manner…

In fact up until now I have not lost one owner, really thanks to word of mouth from my clients I even acquired new clients that are their friends and acquaintances, which also proves that they are satisfied with my work.

Vacation Rentals


It’s up to the owner to decide how much they will invest to start up their business successfully.

By looking at my statistics the owner can decide which price bracket is suitable for his property.
Please bear in mind the style of the property, the quality of the property, sea view or not, the distance to the beach, how many beds, furnishings, accessories, and appliances etc. These are the deciding factors for choosing the right rental price.

The price that is proposed to the client must be in accordance with the quality of the property: nowadays with internet there is no possibility to lie to the clients!

The owner must personally supervise the cleaning service, and be present to welcome his guests. If it’s not possible for the owner to be present he should find someone that he trusts to stand in for him, not only in this phase, but also for assisting guests during their stay. Holiday homes are usually rented for a week, with check in and check out on Saturday.

Your property should be comfortable, charming, and sparkling clean, and in order.

It should be advertised for what it is, with great photos that respect the reality as not to create false expectations: honesty is the winning card in client relationship!

Home key

IMPORTANT: I am only willing to work with owners who really take to heart the welcoming of their guests.
Owners that are cordial e discreet and will go the extra to provide all that is needed for their guests.
Everything must be efficient and functional: water heaters, air conditioners, TV’s, Wi-Fi, Satellite Receivers etc.
The utensils should be plentiful and looked after constantly so nothing is missing (dishes, glasses, eating utensils, bed and bath linens etc.)
Your relationship with guests should be based on kindness. This kindness will help you out when any inconveniences might pop up during their stay!
I reserve the right to decide NOT to take on or manage properties whose owners are not in line with my welcoming philosophy.
Every year hundreds of tourists worldwide ask my advice on available accommodations: many are loyal clients that contact me every year because they were pleased with the property that I manage and now they trust me, my work and my advice.
Since my agency’s reputation is important to me, I don’t want it to be ruined by the poor management of a owner!

Vacation Rentals


  • For a simple initial consultation, price will be agreed upon by both parties
  • To create a photo gallery, virtual tour, and web sites, these will be quoted individually, depending on your needs and desires
  • The owners will pay the cost for Internet promotion. I will be able to advise them the best promotions for their annual budget
  • For managing the reservations: my commissions

Like I have said before, being an owner myself and managing my vacation home, I completely understand how it feels to pay high commissions to rental agencies!
During the early period when I worked with an agency if I considered the high managing costs I had, I believe they made more than me! This is not tolerable.
Anyways the commission that I ask is fair and honest.


Subscribing to efficient web sites , you can begin to work at once, starting with the first summer season.

Generally it takes about 2 years for your business to take off, and begin to have a good constant inflow of guests.

If this doesn’t happen, normally it’s because the price was too high based upon the style offered, or because of competitors.

You will build up clients on the other hand, if they are given good services that are honest and suitable for the asking price, and when the clients feel satisfied they will write good reviews about your Vacation Home, and maybe even return in the years to come.

Many foreign guests book well in advance, often from year to year.

Therefore, it is necessary to have the rental ready, a great photo gallery, and be placed on internet as soon as possible!


My convictions

  • Helping Home and Apartment owners that are willing to rent and transform their property into Vacation Rentals and start up a successful business. It’s important to know that not all Vacation Rentals have the same appeal. The amount of requests depends on the location (with or without a sea view, near the coast, inland, or even far away from the sea), the size, the number of people it can accommodate (small or large apartment, villa) the quality of the furnishings (low or high class), with or without a garden, with or without a pool. We need to find the right price to offer to obtain the right guests for our holiday home.
  • Finding every year a fair number of “quality guests” for all my clients.
  • Freeing up owners of Vacation Properties who feel tied down, because they have to pass the whole day in front of the computer, and respond to emails in various languages.
  • Keeping up with ongoing emails answering all the clients questions hopefully to book a reservation. This work is very time consuming , and often owners of Vacation Homes already have their own work which takes away time and energy.
Family on summer vacation

Future projects

To increase offers for Quality Vacation Home Rentals.
Having more houses to offer one can re route the client: when a property is already booked for a period requested, so not to lose the potential client we could re route them to another owner on the network.

Also another future project is creating web sites dedicated to Liguria, its wonders and beauty that will help obtain ulterior bookings for the rentals that I manage.

In spite of the crisis in the economic and tourism sectors, and the declining number of guests in hotels, many studies show the Vacation Home Rentals are continually growing, above all by foreigners.

Contact me

Send us mail

Mauro Bricca
Via Monade, 38
18013 Diano Marina (IM)

P.IVA: 01571150083
CCIAA: Imperia, n° 137652

Mobile: +39 333 6737401
Mail: info @ maurobricca.it

Facebook: facebook.com/mauro.bricca

Mauro Bricca

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